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  • Tendencies of the Mind
    Tendencies of the Mind
  • Bull Creek Park clean up!
    Bull Creek Park clean up!
  • Proud to be at UT!
    Proud to be at UT!
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  ~ W  E  L  C  O  M  E ~ 

The Art of Living at the University of Texas is a student organization dedicated to empowering students through ancient spiritual techniques, practical wisdom, and service. 

We are based on the global Art of Living Foundation, which operates in over 140 countries around the world, offering stress-relief and self-empowerment workshops and conducting service projects for the needy.

Read more about the Art of Living Foundation: www.artofliving.org.

For information on the Art of Living's youth programs and service initiatives visit      www.artoflivingyouth.org.

Questions? Comments? Email Art of Living UT Austin at [email protected].

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